Just You Wait (part 2): Held Up


Have you ever had a wait turn into a party (or at least a joy)? Think of a time you expected waiting to be a chore but discovered it to be an experience of its own.

(Examples might include making new friends in the Black Friday line outside Walmart or getting to read a favorite book at the DMV when you haven’t had time for books in weeks)

Play a game. Divide the group into two teams and have each team make a list of people in the Bible who waited. Have each group share their list. Any name that appears on both lists doesn’t count toward the team’s score. The team with the most names wins a prize (if you, as group leader, buy them one).

Spend some time looking at your lists. What can we learn about waiting from these examples?


We started the sermon Sunday with a look at the book of Revelation and God’s response to the martyrs calling for justice (if you weren’t there, read Revelation 6:9-11). How did it make you feel to see God telling them to wait? Did it give you any perspective as you consider your own waiting? If so, share.

Waiting is an essential part of being a Christian. What does that mean? What are Christians waiting for? How does God want us to wait for those things?

We said on Sunday that there are two ways to wait well….

First, we should have ____________ that God will provide.

What does it mean to ‘have faith that God will provide’?

What does that look like practically speaking?

How does faith act in waiting?

Consider this statement: “Waiting on God means letting go of our desired outcome and trusting in a good God who loves us, knows our needs, and is faithful.”

Is that true? What does it mean? What’s hard about it?

Share an example of someone you know who waited with faith, surrendering their own expectations and desires.

Second, we said we should have _________________ for what God has provided.

How does gratitude influence our attitude during waiting?

What would it look like to practice gratitude on purpose during a season of waiting?


This week read a longer passage together as a group. Read I Samuel 1:1-28 and 2:1-10.

What does Hannah’s experience teach you about waiting?

Consider her song after God answers her prayers. What does Hannah learn about God from her experience?


One of the big ways to wait well is to surrender your desires to God. This week, have group members share what they need to surrender. What do you want God to do that you need to be okay with God not doing? Pray that you’d be empowered to surrender.