Just You Wait (part 3): You Are Here


Kids know, waiting is easier when you pass the time with a game. What games did you play in the doctor’s office or in the car on a road trip or after church waiting for your parents? Pick a favorite from the games shared and play it together tonight!


We said on Sunday that waiting has a way of consuming.

  • Have you ever let waiting consume your life for a while? Tell your group about it.
  • What was problematic about allowing the waiting to take over so much of your attention?

One of the big temptations in a season of waiting is to live in the future instead of the present. What problems might that cause?

For one, living in the future often produces discontent or worry. Have you noticed this? Have you ever become deeply anxious in a season of waiting? How did you deal with it? What could you have done to prevent it?

For another, living in the future causes us to miss our life. As Justin said, “If we’re not careful, we’ll treat the spot we are as a constant temporary placeholder--paying only enough attention to where we are in order to figure out how to get where we want to be.” What’s so bad about that? Have you ever done that? Do you have seasons in your past that you feel like you missed because you had your eyes on the future?

Justin said in the sermon this week, “If you’re always waiting ‘til you’re not waiting, you’ll always only be waiting.” What does that mean?

  • What implications does it have for the way we handle waiting?

Consider the life of Joseph. What important lessons can we learn from the way he handled his time in prison? Would you have acted the same way? How might Joseph have acted in that situation had he not been so full of holy wisdom?

We said that perseverance is “staying in it, even though you want to be done with it.” It’s being active now… when all you want to do is be passive ‘til later.

  • In a season of waiting, have you ever wanted to quit acting/doing/showing up?
  • Have you ever been tempted to just hide under the covers until you had an answer?
  • Tell your group about it.

Share a time when action was difficult, but God enabled you to keep going even in the midst of uncertainty.

Consider some of the things you’re waiting for. Is it possible you’re waiting for something “bad, dumb, or unimportant”? If you’re not sure, share with your group and ask for their input. Encourage group members to be kind and honest, remembering that honesty is kind.

In scripture, what are we encouraged to wait for? How (with what attitude/posture) do we wait on those things? Practically speaking, how can we be sure not to forget what’s coming?



Read Luke 12:35-46.

  • What is this passage about? What’s Jesus trying to help His apostles and disciples understand?
  • What does a Christian do while he or she waits for Jesus’ return?
  • Be specific.
  • What are the consequences of waiting poorly?



This is your last week to pray for each other in your seasons of waiting. Consider all we’ve discussed, and share with your group one specific prayer request. Where do you need to persevere? Where do you need to get moving? What things might you need to give up waiting for? Ask your group to pray!