Believer (parts 1-4)

Over the next four weeks we'll be looking at evidence for the existence of God and a historical Jesus, along with evidence for the accuracy and inspiration of the Bible. Because this series doesn't lend itself well to lots of discussion, we'd like to offer a few options for you as you consider how to best use your small group time. The options listed below represent content to be used over four weeks.


1. Spend a night (maybe the first of this series) answering these questions:

  • When and why did you first come to faith in Christ?
  • What doubts have you had/worked through/still have in the months or years since that first moment of faith? Do you have nagging doubts that won't go away? Share with the group. If you have had doubts, what motivates you to persevere in faith?
  • If your group hasn't shared their stories/testimonies recently, this is a great time for each family/person to share with the group. Give ample time for members to tell how they came to know God and what God's been doing in their lives.


2. Watch The Case For Christ, a documentary series on the evidence pointing to Christ's existence and the accuracy of the Biblical account of His life. It's approximately two hours long. You can break it up into 2, 3 or 4 parts. If you don't have access to a TV that will play YouTube videos, email the church office this week ( and we can provide a DVD copy by next Sunday. Otherwise, you can watch online via the following links:



You may decide to encourage group members to bring friends to group as you work through this movie.


3. If someone asked you, "Why do you believe in God?" how would you respond? It's so important for us to know how to answer this question. Have each group member spend fifteen minutes alone writing an answer. No one is allowed to talk during that time. Come back together and have everyone share their answers. This single question/activity should take between 45 minutes and an hour.

  • You may also decide to do this exercise about Jesus or the Bible.


4. In today's culture, more and more people are coming to belief in God and Jesus not because of traditional arguments and proof but rather because they see God working here and now. Take some time as a group to discuss what God is doing in you and through you right now (or recently) and how you could make that plain for the people living alongside you.

  • Try this exercise. Look at your personal life, your small group, our congregation, and the global church. Where do you see God? Start your observation with the words "I see God in..." Now that you see Him,  figure out how you could point out God's presence to your friends who don't know Him yet.


5. Discuss as a group the tension between believing and knowing. Can you believe without proof? How much proof is required to believe? What do we do when we think we believe but we can't be certain?

In conjunction with this discussion, pray for more faith. Pray as group that God would grow each of you in faith. Too, use this time to pray for people who don't yet believe. Have members share the names of people they know who need to come to faith and pray over those names.