Scratch and Sniff Kingdom (Zane Witcher)



Have group members share their favorite smells. What is it about that smell that you like so much? What good memories are associated with it?



What do Christians smell like?

Have you ever known a particularly “odorous” Christian? What was it about them that made you feel like they were different?

  • How do Christians smell to people who’re looking for God?
  • How do they smell to people who’re choosing against God?

Have you ever met someone who was repulsed by the Christ in you (perhaps they felt judged--not by your words but simply by the beauty/wholeness of your life--OR maybe your righteousness in Christ ruined their fun)?

How about someone who smelled life in you? Share a story.

Consider and discuss these two questions Zane asked us to consider:

  1. Do you spend time inhaling the aroma of God?

    • What does that look like for you? Be specific.

  2. Do you create space or margin in your life for you to spread the aroma of God?

    • If so, how so? What does spreading the aroma look like for you?



Read 2 Corinthians 2: 14-17.

  • How does the fact that Paul sees himself as slave in this procession affect the way you understand the passage?

  • How is our position as slave related to our calling to be an aroma?



Have each group member share the name of someone they’re close to who does NOT appreciate the aroma of Christ in them. Perhaps it’s a parent, sibling, high school friend--anyone with animosity toward Christ and the Gospel. Pray over these names, asking God to work through us to change minds and hearts.