Good With Money, Part 3: Enough Is Enough

One of our greatest struggles with money and stuff is a constant thirst for more. It shackles us and keeps money squarely in the “curse” category for us. The solution, although difficult to pursue, is straightforward and entirely achievable: contentment. In this message, we’ll explore the nature of contentment and some practical ways to cultivate it in our lives.

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Jesus, Monarch, Part 2: Heir Apparent

Beto. Trump. Capitalism. Affluence. Family. Ourselves. We love choosing kings. We're just bad at doing it. In this message, we'll explore the way our deepest needs are poorly met by the kings we often choose—and the way the're perfectly satisfied by only one monarch: Jesus.


Jesus, Monarch, Part 1: Startled

What are your expectations of Jesus? No matter who you are or how much you’ve actually interacted with him, you probably have some. Maybe you expect him to heal you. Maybe you expect him to make you give all your money away. Or make you richer. Maybe you expect him to make you a better husband. Or less anxious. Maybe you expect him to act like Mr. Rogers. Or who knows—maybe you expect him to act more like President Trump. As we begin this series, we’ll find that Jesus has a way of defying our expectations, whatever they may be. And we’ll find that our response to that dissonance makes all the difference. 


Still Breathing, Part 1: Taste And See

If you're like most people, new to church or experienced, reading the Bible can be, well, complicated. People say it's important to do, but doing it brings up so many questions.

- What is it, exactly?
- What's the deal with all the different parts?
- Why does it matter whether or not we read it?
- Isn't it old and out of touch?
- What do I do if I can't understand it?
- It seems boring. Am I reading it wrong?

These are all legitimate questions. Join us for this series as we seek out some helpful answers.


The Perfect Prayer

Prayer is an important part of being a Christ-follower, but often prayer can feel like a daunting task; we don't know what to pray for or even how to pray.

In this message we'll explore a prayer that Jesus prayed and learn how to pray the perfect prayer.


Awakened, Part 5: Building Altars

Often the best way to experience the presence of God is to stop and observe--listen, look, notice what He's done, what He's doing, what He's enabled.

With this in mind, we'll explore how God's people would punctuate their observation by building an altar and how we can get better at building altars of our own.


Awakened, Part 4: Feeling Tremors

As followers of Jesus, we are vessels of the Spirit of God--He lives inside of us. We aren't Source of divine power and presences, but we're certainly echoes--aftershocks attached to the earthquake that is God.

With this in mind, we'll explore one of the best ways to experience the presence of God: Other people.


Awakened, Part 3: Going Away

Sometimes we live our lives at a hectic pace, we’ve always have something going on and not enough time to do it.

In this message we’ll explore the need for time to just be still, the difference between silence and solitude, and how to spend some alone time with God.


Awakened, Part 1: Rejecting Disenchantment

Most human beings are living disenchanted lives, there’s no expectation of anything ‘supernatural’. The problem? the world in which we’re living is enchanted—the supernatural surrounds us everyday, God is close, and mystery abounds.

In this message, we’ll explore what’s dulling our senses and be challenged to reject our disenchantment, becoming more alive and alert to the presence of God.