More Grace.

Here’s what I know about you. You need more grace. But not in the way you think. In this sermon, we’ll explore another aspect of grace that we sometimes miss.


The best gift you’ve ever been given is Jesus. What does that mean, why does it matter, and what should you do with the gift? Watch this sermon to find out.

& vol 2, Part 4: Easier & Harder

It's hard to follow Christ, to take up your cross.
It's easy to follow Christ, to welcome the abundant resurrection life.

This week's sermon is foundational to any understanding of what life looks like for a follower of Christ. It's not just easy, and it's not just hard. It's both. It's difficult bliss.


How We Live Love, p5: Be Open-Handed

Every single blessing is a gift. A lavish grace. Something we are not owed and refuse to require.

This is the fifth of our church's Core Behaviors: Be Open-Handed. In this message we'll explore how God blesses us abundantly and how He requires us to live open-handedly.


Dirt & Spit

Jesus healed people in unexpected ways, that much we know.

In this sermon we'll take a look at one particular healing and how we need to open our eyes to see where we need dirt & spit.


How We Live Love, p4: Be Together

Being God's child means being gathered together with all God's children. Here at RRCOC we want to Be Together on purpose. We want to be committed to the Sunday gathering, committed to unity of Spirit even as we disagree, and committed to long term devotion to tending our relationships and showing up for one another.


How We Live Love, p3: Be Brave

Everyone is afraid of something. It's just human nature. But God calls us to something more.

This is the third of our church's Core Behaviors: Be Brave. In this message we'll take a look at how bravery is not an enigmatic feeling; it's a logical equation.


How We Live Love, p2: Be Changed (And Changing)

You can't follow Jesus without going somewhere. Isn't that what happens when you follow someone?

This is the second of our church's Core Behaviors: Be Changed (and Changing). In this message we'll explore the transformation found in Christ, and how transformation isn't just a single change, but a process of changes and how everyone has a next step.


How We Live Love, p1: Be a Reason for Someone to Come Home

None of us can save someone else. But every one of us can be a reason for someone to return to their Heavenly Father—a reminder of His love, a channel of His blessing, a mouthpiece of His truth, a manifestation of His gracious invitation and welcome.

This is the first of our church's Core Behaviors: Be a reason for someone to come home. In this message, we'll explore what that looks like and why it's not always easy, but it is always good.


God Loves The Boogeyman

Fear. It’s got a hold of us in more ways than we realize, demanding that we villify individuals and even entire groups of people—we’re afraid they’ll win, afraid they’ll take what’s ours, afraid they’ll destroy our way of life, afraid of…you name it. These people become a sort of boogeyman to us.

In this message, our former preaching intern Logan Owens shares with us a story about how God loves the boogeyman.