What We Do When We're Together, p3: We Listen

What, exactly, is preaching for—and how should those of us who aren’t preaching approach it every week?

In this message, we’ll explore what God has to say about preaching in Scripture and listen as Justin lets us in on his personal approach and priorities as a preacher. We’ll also consider two things that will ensure that each week’s sermon is a great blessing to us.

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Know Your Church

This Sunday we changed things up a bit by devoting some time to pulling back the curtain on RRCOC—in this message, you'll get to know the elders like you've never known them before, hear about the staff's different roles, find out how decisions get made, where our money comes from, why our church doesn't have more ministries, and more.Plus, there will be a gameshow. :)

This is our effort to help you know your church even better, so that you can love your church even more.

Two Loves

You may already know that God loves you. At least, you may know in your head that God loves you. But do you know in your bones that God loves you? When you shift from having not only a cerebral understanding, but a visceral understanding of God's love for you, things change--not the least of which is what you love. God loves you. What do you love?

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What do you do when the task before you seems bigger or harder or more complicated than you can handle? It's a question we all find ourselves asking—and the answer is extremely important. In this message, we'll explore an interaction between Jesus and his apostles where He makes clear what we should do when what's to be done is just too much. Speaker: Justin Gerhardt

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Rooted, part 4: Embracing What's Next

Too often, when we’re frustrated by our own behavior, we focus our efforts for improvement in the wrong place. Jesus called righteous behavior "fruit"—and more often than not, a fruit problem isn't just a fruit problem, it's a root problem. In this message, we’ll talk about how the intentional pursuit of change strengthens our rootedness and eventually bears some beautiful fruit. Speaker: Justin Gerhardt

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Rooted, part 1: What's At Stake

Sick of trying and failing, feeling alone, or being stuck in destructive patterns? There’s a reason you’re struggling—and it doesn’t have to be that way. As we begin the series, we’ll explore what it looks and feels like to be without roots, and why it’s so important to pursue a different reality for ourselves.

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Watermark, part 2: Newly Alive

Any disobedience to God has a name in Scripture: it's called "sin." And sin, because it separates us from God, brings death. With that in mind God's solution to that death is interesting: it's death.

In this message, we'll explore how God responds to one death in us by encouraging another kind of death in us and then making us newly alive. Along the way, we'll see what baptism has to do with all of this.

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Watermark, part 1: Rescued

If you’ve ever felt guilt that just won’t leave you alone… If you’ve done things that are wrong and you don’t know how to make them right… If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and you're not sure how to dig out from under the rubble… If you’ve ever felt hopeless, isolated, or unseen… This is a message for you. Together, we'll explore how God responds to these feelings, and how we can accept what He longs to give us.

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Out Of Office, part 3: The Last Two

This summer, our preaching minister spent 10 weeks away from work for the purpose of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical rejuvenation. In this last sermon in the series, he shares the last 2 of 10 things he learned about life, God, and the world during his sabbatical. ...Because he's pretty sure they’d be good for everybody else to know, too.

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The Gospel According to Paul, part 5: Stuck Together

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In this message, Jake reminds us that as Christians, the Lord has unified all of us through himself and the Lord also has urged us to put every effort towards fostering unity among the body. A timely message for today as we are barraged by workings in our world which attempt to divide and to isolate us from one another. Thank God, we are stuck together as the body of Christ and called to grow together!