Defying Gravity (part 2): Washed

As it's Thanksgiving week there's a good chance your group won't be meeting. If you do, here are a few ways to spend your time together in a meaningful way:

1. This week we talked about baptism as the moment in which God washes us of our sin. Have group members each share their baptism story.

  • What lead you to make that decision?
  • Where were you?
  • How old were you?
  • Who helped lead you to that moment?
  • What do you remember remarkably clearly?
  • What can't you remember?
  • How has life been different since that moment?

If you have group members who haven't been baptized, be careful not to ostracize, but remember that telling these stories is a powerful tool for helping them understand the blessing of a relationship with God. 

2. Throw a Thanksgiving feast! Do a big potluck meal. Go around the table and ask, "What new thing are you thankful for this year?" Or maybe "What hard thing have you found reasons to be thankful for this year?"

3. Spend your week in prayer for one another.

  • Try and remember some of the things you've asked God for as a group over the past months or years. What prayers has your group seen answered? Thank God for those answers, reminders of His work and presence.
  • Pray a few of the thanksgiving Psalms. Read them aloud together and address them to God. Consider this list: