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Whether you're new to the Bible or a long-time Christian who studies the Bible regularly, our adult Bible classes offer a welcoming environment to grow in knowledge, understanding and faith, through a variety of topics and formats.

Choose a class that interests you and jump in at any time (starting May 27). All classes meet on Sundays at 10:00am. 

(Got kids? Bring 'em. We have classes at the same time for them as well.)


Living Jesus: The Sermon on the Mount

Most of us have read the greatest sermon ever taught and can probably quote parts of it.  But, what if we really lived according to Jesus’ teaching from this sermon?  This video/discussion class will look at the Sermon on the Mount, from Matthew 5-7, using Randy Harris’ video series “Living Jesus: Doing What Jesus Says in the Sermon on the Mount” to develop a better understanding of these teachings and how to live them in ways you never before imagined. 
Class Makeup: Any adults
Location: Auditorium
Teachers: Mike Humble, Perry Been, Chad Routon


VBS For Adults: The Parables of Jesus

This summer, the Portable A class will return to the popular Vacation Bible School for Adults concept – this year focusing on the Parables of Jesus.  If you attended a VBS as a child, you probably learned many of Jesus’ Parables: the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, the mustard seed, the wise and foolish builders.  In this summer’s series, we will look at each of these stories again, but from our perspective as adult Christians, to see the valuable lessons that God provides for us in each of these entertaining stories.
Class Makeup: Over 40 adults, although anyone/everyone is welcome
Location: Portable A
Teachers: Bob Mathews, Craig Spinn, Kirk Roefer, Tim Skupin


Resolving Everyday Conflict: Biblical Answers for a Common Problem

Everyone encounters conflict--whether it be with a coworker, family member, friend, or complete stranger. And yet we all desire harmony in our relationships. Resolving Everyday Conflict will be a practical, biblical series of discussions and panels that will strive to equip us with the tools for peacemaking in everyday life that can turn tumultuous relationships into peaceful ones. 
Class Makeup: Young Families (generally anyone with a child in elementary school or younger, but anyone/everyone is welcome)
Location: Room 201
Teachers: Luke and Haley Cochran, Brian and Kristi Jackson, Joey and Samantha Halbert, Eric and Jodi Posadas


My Dear Wormwood: A Bible Study on the C.S. Lewis book "The Screwtape Letters"

Why do we sometimes succeed spiritually, and at other times we fail? Are there a host of spiritual forces battling to influence the choices we make, or are we left to our own devices? The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis provides unique insight into the battles that are being waged in the spiritual world. 

Using a guide created by Alan Vermilye, we will expand on C.S. Lewis’ thoughts found in each letter written by the fictional Uncle Screwtape, and draw parallels with various Scripture passages to help us relate to the main theme of each letter. 
Class Makeup: Young Professionals
Location: Room 205
Teachers: Ken Kohl, Matthew Woodrow


Prayer for People Who Aren't Great at It

The idea of prayer sounds great. It moves mountains and opens doors and changes the world. The problem is, a lot of us just aren't great at it. We forget to pray. We wonder if we're doing it right. We get distracted. We're not sure how to break the 4-minute mark (what else is there to say?). Mostly, we just say thank you, ask for stuff, and hope for the best. 

There's a better way. Join us as we seek to get better at prayer by actually praying—trying new and different ways of talking to the God who loves to hear from us..

Class Makeup: College Age
Location: Room 202
Teachers: Logan Owens, Justin Gerhardt