Our storytelling effort at RRCOC exists to identify and capture the stories God's writing among our people. We say with the psalmist, "Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story!" (Psalm 107:2). Our job as proclaimers of God's presence and glory is to offer our church body a megaphone to say with confidence, gratitude, joy and invitation: 






We tell (and plan to tell) God's stories in a variety of ways: videos, live testimonies, storytelling events, photography, on Facebook and Instagram, through art and music, in writing on our blog, and in the rhythms of weekly worship. If you're interested in being a part of this work as a member of the Round Rock Church of Christ body, contact our storytelling minister Jennifer Gerhardt at If you want (or might want) to share a story, scroll down for more information.


Do you have a story to share?

The answer to that question is always yes. The better questions are "How do I choose which story to share?" and "How do I share it?" Read below for answers. 


We're looking for stories where God is the star. Your story doesn't have to be fully resolved and it certainly doesn't have to be happy, but we are looking for stories that help us see and understand the character and action of God as it's revealed in your life and specifically the life of our church. To decide which story might be good to share, we encourage you to participate in one of the following experiences:

Live Storytelling Workshops

It's not always easy to identify the story God's writing in your life. Because of that, we offer 2 hour storytelling workshops to help (Quarterly Saturday mornings from 8-10, RSVP required). You'll receive prompts, reflection questions and activities, and just a little bit of helpful instruction. If you're interested in discovering what God's doing in your life or in figuring out how to tell that story in the best way possible, a storytelling workshop is the best first step!

Sign up below to attend and we'll email you possible dates:

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Online Workshop

If you're not interested in or able to attend one of our Saturday workshops but you're eager to start recording the details of your walk with God, you're welcome to participate in Field Notes: A Workshop in  Writing to See. It's an online course with the goal of encouraging and enabling you to identify the story God's telling in you and to mature in Christ through the practice of writing. If you think you might want to write your story, this course may be for you (our storytelling minister, Jennifer Gerhardt, provides this resource to Round Rock members at no cost, password: fieldnotes).



We have lots of ways to share your story with your brothers and sisters at RRCOC. Here are a few options:

Tell your story on video to share during worship or online.

Tell your story in writing. Have it shared on our blog, on social media, or onstage Sunday morning as a part of a sermon series.

Tell your story in the context of communion comments.

Tell your story live onstage via an interview.

Tell your story through photographs to be shared online or as an exhibition in the church foyer or hallways.

Tell your story in the context of a conversation with someone experiencing a similar struggle.

Tell your story on a panel in an adult Bible class.

Tell your story through art.

Tell your story at a live storytelling event hosted by RRCOC.

Tell your story via audio recording to be shared on our church podcast.  

To determine which avenue is best for communicating what God's up to in your life we'll want to hear a short summary of your story and maybe meet with you in person. Fill out the form below to get the process started ASAP. 

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