The Hero's Journey, Part 1: How It Begins

Classic stories begin with a character who’s in a zone of comfort...but they want something. This desire disrupts their routine and eventually leads them on a transformative journey. This is exactly how our journey with Christ begins. Without Jesus, you are not what you were made to be, and only He can help you become that.

Hope Arises

Life is hard. Suffering is real. But we don't have to suffer without hope. In this message, we focus on the one event that completely changes the way we navigate difficult things: the resurrection of Jesus.

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Feast People, Part 3: Celebration 101

So if we’re to be Feast People who gather regularly to celebrate the work and blessing of God, what does that look like and what are some ways we can do it on purpose?

Focusing on the stories of the Feast of Passover and the Last Supper, we’ll answer those questions.

Signs, Part 3: Clean

What happens when Jesus is interrupted amidst a crowd of followers by a man with the feared disease of leprosy? He does the unthinkable. In this message, we'll watch Jesus demonstrate what he's able to do for us--it's something we desperately need.

Signs, Part 2: Moved With Compassion

Have you ever felt sorry for someone? Jesus sure did and as a result, he took action. In this message, we continue our Signs series by looking at a miracle that points to what Jesus feels when we struggle and the response the he has for us when we call out to him.

Signs, Part 1: Miracle Interrupted

Walking on water, healing the sick, feeding thousands with one kid's lunch, raising the dead--Jesus' miracles were amazing...but why did he do them? In this message, we kick off the Signs series by looking at a pair of miracles that point to one huge truth about Jesus.

Songs About God, Part 4: "Where Are You?" Songs

Sometimes we worship because God is close. But sometimes we worship because God seems far away.

Many of the Psalms include frustrated questions voiced by human beings who are flummoxed by the ways of a God they can’t see and whose ways they often can’t anticipate. In those times, we must remember that God doesn’t prize conceit or convention in worship, but instead always welcomes honesty.

Songs About God, Part 3: Angry Songs

Ever been so angry, you actually wished pain and suffering on the person who wronged you? If so, you’re not alone.

In this message, we’ll explore a Psalm that communicates some startlingly vengeful thoughts and find that it has much to teach us about ourselves, our relationships with other people, and our relationship with God.

Songs About God, Part 1: Love Songs

The Psalms show us a wide variety of expression, but at the core of each of them lies a love for God that drives a deep desire for relationship and a devotion to the communication that’s integral to meaningful connection. In this message, we’ll zero in on how praise and thanksgiving are communicated through the Psalms, and what we can learn from that example.

Marriage Material, Part 2: Less Of Me

Ever try to get your spouse to give in and do the dishes before you do? Always pushing for the kinds of movies you like? Ever made up an excuse to get out of cleaning the litter box or changing a diaper?

If so, you're selfish! But take heart--you're not alone. And this message is for you.

A Voice

Garrett East, whose missionary work in Tanzania we support, shares a message about a precursor of Jesus named John--and one key way we should emulate him.

Upside Down Christmas, Part 3: Shepherds & Angels

Shepherds--we're so used to seeing them in our nativity scenes, we forget how crazy it is that the Big Announcement of Christ's arrival was given exclusively to them. In this message, we'll explore how God turns the expectations of ‘who’s invited’ upside down, inviting the least and least likely, and then calling them to invite others.

Upside Down Christmas, Part 1: Power Down

If you've lived with God for a while, you may have noticed: God so often upends our expectations, defying convention and predictability. And nowhere is that more evident than in the coming of Jesus.

In this series, we’ll use the birth narrative as a lens through which to explore God’s delightfully subversive habit of surprising the world with grace, mercy and generosity. And we’ll see that he calls us to do the same.