Marriage Material, Part 2: Less Of Me

Ever try to get your spouse to give in and do the dishes before you do? Always pushing for the kinds of movies you like? Ever made up an excuse to get out of cleaning the litter box or changing a diaper?

If so, you're selfish! But take heart--you're not alone. And this message is for you.

A Voice

Garrett East, whose missionary work in Tanzania we support, shares a message about a precursor of Jesus named John--and one key way we should emulate him.

Upside Down Christmas, Part 3: Shepherds & Angels

Shepherds--we're so used to seeing them in our nativity scenes, we forget how crazy it is that the Big Announcement of Christ's arrival was given exclusively to them. In this message, we'll explore how God turns the expectations of ‘who’s invited’ upside down, inviting the least and least likely, and then calling them to invite others.

Upside Down Christmas, Part 1: Power Down

If you've lived with God for a while, you may have noticed: God so often upends our expectations, defying convention and predictability. And nowhere is that more evident than in the coming of Jesus.

In this series, we’ll use the birth narrative as a lens through which to explore God’s delightfully subversive habit of surprising the world with grace, mercy and generosity. And we’ll see that he calls us to do the same.

On The Road To Better, Part 5: Truth & Consequences

As we make mistakes along the Road to Better, God’s grace is always more than enough to wipe the slate clean. We will often, however, have to deal with consequences of our bad choices. That doesn’t mean God isn’t with us. If we’ll lean into our Father, his grace will be enough to help us handle those consequences.

On The Road To Better, Part 4: Stay Close

If we really want to get better, we have to lean into the channels of connection and transformation that God has created for us. One of those--for David and for us--is worship. In this message, we'll see how worship can keep our relationship with God alive and allow Him to transform us in powerful ways