On The Road To Better, Part 5: Truth & Consequences

As we make mistakes along the Road to Better, God’s grace is always more than enough to wipe the slate clean. We will often, however, have to deal with consequences of our bad choices. That doesn’t mean God isn’t with us. If we’ll lean into our Father, his grace will be enough to help us handle those consequences.

On The Road To Better, Part 4: Stay Close

If we really want to get better, we have to lean into the channels of connection and transformation that God has created for us. One of those--for David and for us--is worship. In this message, we'll see how worship can keep our relationship with God alive and allow Him to transform us in powerful ways

Generous, Part 3: Let's Do This

Generosity is one of those things that needs more than inspiration and good intentions. Sporadic giving to random opportunities isn't what God has in mind for us. In this message, we’ll explore what it takes to actually excel in our giving. 

Generous Part 2: Paper Trail

According to Jesus, there's a relationship between your money and your heart that you should know about.

In this message, we explore what it is and find that it has huge implications as we seek to diagnose and to influence our current level of generosity.



Generous, Part 1: It's His

Generous people give more than they have to. We love generous people. But are we generous?

In this series, we’ll see that as God shapes us into the image of his Son, a large part of his vision is to make us generous--a quality modeled perfectly and graphically by Christ. We’ll see what it means to be generous, how to develop our generosity on purpose, and what we stand to gain as we do.

In God's House Part 3

God has opened his doors so that all might adopt his lifestyle of love, but what's this house for, anyway?Follow along as we explore Ephesians 2 in search of God's intentions for his house, from each individual brick to the structure as a whole. 

In God's House Part 2

God welcomes us into his family even when we're broken. And he expects us to do the same for others. In this message, Justin shares two stories that point to one critical truth about God's family.

In God's House, Part 1

Who's allowed in God's family? Anyone who wants to be there. God adopts us as his children and makes us heirs of the same inheritance as our new brother, Jesus Christ. The story doesn't stop there, though.