Believer, p3: Good Book

Where did the Bible come from, anyway? How do we know it wasn’t put together by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages?” And why do Christians believe it’s not only reliable, but inspired by God?

Believer, p1: More Than A Teacher

Who was Jesus, really? Did he actually live? And if so, why do Christians believe he was anything more than an effective teacher of moral wisdom? In this message, we’ll examine why it’s not crazy to believe that Jesus did, in fact, rise from the dead. 


Christ calls us to be bold, to take risks, and to share his love and truth with others. That directive lies at the heart of our identity as a church.

God's Plan For Your Kids

Everybody wants to know God's plan for them. And most every parent would like to know God's plan for their kids. In this message, we let Moses tell us exactly what that plan is--hint: if you're a parent, it involves you.

Resolution Solution

January is a great time for new starts. We look back, look ahead, and find clarity to make changes that need to be made. New Year's is helpful that way.

But it won't be New Year's for long.

So what can you do to make sure you get a new start when you need it?

Worth It

Could God really use you? Are you really worth using? That, it turns out, is the wrong question to ask. In this message, Mitch East challenges us with the example of Jesus' cousin, John--his worthiness wasn't the key as much as his willingness was.

The Possible Impossible

Have you ever yearned for something Good, something that seems just out of reach (or way beyond reach)? Christmas is a time when, along with Mary, we're reminded by the angel Gabriel that nothing is impossible with God.

Garrett East, Great Is His Faithfulness

Sometimes life is hard. But that doesn't mean God isn't keeping his promises. 

Garrett East grew up at RRCOC and now lives with his wife and kids in Tanzania, sharing Christ with the people there. In this message, he shares the story of a difficult first 6 months in Africa followed by an amazing year and a half. Truly, God is faithful.