Directionally Challenged

Want to know God's will for your life? Sure you do. But take care: when we seek clarity and direction above relationship with God, we run the risk of idolizing our plans and our futures.

In the midst of the mystery and uncertainty of which path to choose, God invites us to seek him with all our whole hearts. When we do, we'll discover that His will might be clearer--and different--than we expected.

Home, p2: Not There Yet

Wars, hatred, injustice, sin, death--all of these things remind us that we're not home yet. We know the homesick heartache we feel in the midst of all of this difficulty can be difficult to bear. But is it possible our homesickness is valuable?  

Home, p1: Place Of Origin

Where are you from? Turns out, the answer's a bit more complex than we may realize. It's important to figure out, though, because if you want to know who you are, you need to know where you're from. In this message, we'll explore the concept of home and how it shapes our everyday lives.

One True God, p2: Real Good

Somewhere deep down, we humans appreciate Good and despise Evil. But what happens when our perception of good and evil gets skewed? Thankfully, God is perfectly GOOD. He establishes right and wrong simply by the very nature of his being.

One True God, p1: A Different League

If we’re going to know God at all, we need to get our heads around the reality of God’s terrifying and thrilling ability to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. In this message, we'll zero in on one moment in history where this power was abundantly clear.

I Love My Church

"I love my church." It's a beautiful thing to say--especially when you understand what it means. :)

In this message, we look to a helpful passage of Scripture that lets us in on what it means--really--to love your church.

Lean In, p3: Keep Trying

The gospels describe a moment when the apostle Peter’s developing loyalty and shaky understanding of Jesus are put to the ultimate test – and he fails in the biggest possible way. It's a moment in which it's easy to see ourselves. Thankfully, we also see how Jesus provides hope and inspiration for all of us who, like Peter, fail but keep trying.