The Land Between, p2: What's Next?

Israel didn’t have to wander for 40 years in the wilderness. They could’ve moved on to the Promised Land much sooner--if they’d only trusted in God. While we can’t avoid our times in The Land Between altogether, we can certainly limit our stay if we’ll realize that getting on to what's next depends on two things.

When Your Plan Isn't Working

Sometimes, the plan you're working...just isn't working.

In those moments, there's a good chance we've forgotten one crucial thing. In this message, preaching intern Zach Carstens lets Jesus remind us what that one thing is.

Why Young and Old People Need Each Other

It’s no secret; younger people can get on older people’s nerves, and older people can get on younger people’s nerves.

But God has a vision for something more than conflict between the young and the old. His plan involves cooperation and collaboration that allows each age group to reach beyond its weaknesses and borrow from the strengths of the other. 

Because of Jesus, p4: Empathy

Few things can be as comforting as knowing you have someone in your life who understands--someone who has been where you are, who really knows the pain you’re going through, etc. Thanks to Jesus’ time as a human, we will always have someone who 'gets it.' 

Because Jesus, p3: Forgiveness

Sin--the thing we’re all guilty of--separates us from God and condemns us to hell. ...But God has a plan for that. Jesus’ sacrificial death has the power to wash us of every single sin--past, present, and future. But how do we access that forgiveness? 

Because Jesus, p2: Access

Jesus made a lot of people angry during his ministry--especially religious people. They didn’t understand why Jesus devoted so much time and energy to those who were broken, sinful, and far from God. The reason, of course, was that those sinful people were the entire reason he’d come. 

Descending To Greatness, p1: Seeing Clearly

What is humility, really? The answer to that question may challenge your understanding of what it means to be humble. In this message, we'll uncover 5 myths about humility and then explore the truth--what it means, practically speaking, to be a humble person (and why that's really the only thing that makes sense).