In This Together, p3: It's Not All About You

For better or worse, consciously or not, your kids look to you as an example of what marriage is and how husbands and wives should act. For that reason, one of the most important gifts you can ever give your children is to build a strong, “In This Together” marriage with your spouse.

In This Together, p2: We Work

There's one thing that will help you freak out less about small annoyances, bring you closer to your spouse, and help you discover the potential that God built into marriage. In this message, we look to Scripture to find out what that one thing is.

In This Together, p1: 1 is greater than 2

From the beginning, God’s design for marriage has involved a unique phenomenon where two individuals become "one flesh.” In this message, we’ll talk about what that does (and doesn’t) mean. Specifically, we'll ask the question, "In your journey as a husband or wife, how do you move from Me to We?"

The Secret to Depending on God

What does it mean to "depend on God"? Is it what many of us often think? A passive, "not my will but yours" kind of thing where we just sit and wait while God does what only he can do? Or could it be that depending on God is actually quite active?

Finding Joy, p3: It Does(n't) Matter

If there’s one thing that will make or break the presence of joy in your life, it’s perspective. How you process the relative importance of the blessings, experiences, possessions, relationships, and hardships that make up your daily existence changes everything.

In this sermon, we’ll be challenged the extraordinary example of two people who learned to see small things as small and big things as big.

Finding Joy, p1: Good Work

Joy is counter-intuitive. Though many expect to find it in good, easy times, they find themselves disappointed. That's because joy isn’t found hardly as much in leisure as it is in something else--something that's harder, better, and that doesn't have all that much to do with us.

Contrary to Poplular Belief, p4: Love Lets

“Loving people are the ones who tolerate the actions of those with whom they disagree.” ...Right? In this message, we’ll explore the relationship between love and tolerance, challenging the idea that tolerance is love, and that intolerance is always the opposite of love. Love, God teaches us, is so much bigger than tolerance. And so much better as well.

Contrary to Popular Belief, p3: Sex Is The Best

It's a message culture shouts at us on a daily basis: "Sex is the best and it's not a big deal." In other words, sex should be prized above all else, and it's just physical--so the stakes aren't very high. ...But what if all of that is a lie? What if sex is actually not as good--and so much better--than culture says it is?

Trump Card

The call to holiness and the call to love can sometimes seem to be in opposition. If we are to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, though, we will need love to lead us past the barriers we erect in the name of personal piety and toward a world in need of the Gospel.