No More Islands, p2: Pass It On

You know thing inside you that wants to have “made a difference”? That thirst for a life that matters? That desire in you is no accident; it was placed there by God.

Your life does matter. You do have things to offer. Because God has things to do through you.

Enough, p3: Scaling Back

Here's a dangerous question: why do you have as much as you have? In this message we'll dare to ask that question. As we do, we'll take a look at one person's example that--if we'll follow it--has the power to lead us into a life filled with freedom, peace, and joy.

Enough, p2: Thanks For Everything

You worked hard for it, right? So don't you deserve everything you have?

If we're honest, we often feel entitled to the money, possessions, or relationships we enjoy. Sadly, the more entitled we feel, the more discontented we become. This week, we'll zero in on two words that enable us to truly enjoy what we have.

Enough, p1: Sole Provider

If there’s one thing that often keeps us from feeling as though we have enough, it’s fear that we’ll run out. This fear leads us to constantly stockpile and hoard, afraid that we won’t have enough and therefore always discontent with what we do have. Thankfully, there's a solution; and it's simpler than you think. 

Big Church - What Happens When We Sing?

What is God up to when he invites us (even commands us) to sing as a channel of worship? What does singing accomplish? What happens when we sing? 

In this message, we'll explore one undeniable effect that singing has on us--as individual worshippers, and as a gathered community seeking to praise God together. 

Big Picture, p4: Been There

The longer you live, the more experiences you have. Unfortunately, experience doesn’t guarantee growth. In this message, we’ll find that if we'll be wise and zoom out, we'll have a chance to avoid repeating our mistakes.

Big Picture, p3: Ripple Effect

God shouts to us through the megaphones of Scripture and experience that we are undeniably connected to the human beings around us. In this message, we'll explore one thing in particular we need to remember in light of that fact.

Big Picture, p2: Future Maker

Want to live a future that's better than the present? God wants that for you, too. But what's it going to take? In this message, we'll talk about one key relationship that--if we're aware of it--can be the key to a better tomorrow.

Big Picture, p1: Wise-Angle Lens

Have you noticed that foolish choices don't look all that foolish to the person making them? In this message, we'll hear a tragic told by the wisest person in the world and find out one thing that will keep us from living the same story.