Win and Lose, p1: You Lost...Kind Of.

You're a loser. And you know it. You say one thing, but do another. You say you'll stop, but then you do it anyway. Your bad habits, foul thoughts, self-destructive behaviors? They've beaten you. You've lost control of yourself. How on earth can we stop losing? Well, tune in this Sunday. Let's find out.


Holy Ghost Stories, p3: The Angel and the Wrestler

Jacob's been running all his life. He ran from his father, brother, and uncle after lying and stealing from all of them. This trickster can't run anymore, though. His brother's only hours away and he's got 400 men with him. Jacob's at the end of his rope. But, just as things seem bleakest, someone shows up. 

And he wants to wrestle.


O Brother Who Art Thou?

How are we supposed to work, live, and interact with one another in light of the fact that the Creator of the universe came to Earth as a man and died on a cross? The letter to Philemon offers and answer to all these questions (and more!).


Why Do We Sing In Church?

Why Do We Sing In Church?

Isn't it kind of strange that, every Sunday, millions of people gather in rooms around the world and sing together?

Have you ever wondered why God likes music so much, and why He commands us to sing?

In this message, we'll explore the spiritual nature of music, and the ways God uses singing to help us grow.


Easter Is For Everyone, Part 3: Mural

Given that Easter is for everyone, we’d better figure out how to communicate with love in the midst of significant differences. In this message, we'll explore two fascinating events in history to learn about one thing that—according to God—has the power to divide or unite us.


Easter Is For Everyone, Part 2: Portrait

One thing God is famous for is his exacting standards. He’s holy. He does not like sin. Which means that if we’re sinful, we’d better distance ourselves from him...right? In this message we’ll look to Peter in John 21 to see how Jesus treats us when we’ve done less than our best--and to see the best way to respond to God’s holiness. 


Easter Is For Everyone, Part 1: Snapshots

You'd think that the folks given the immense privilege of being the first witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus would be some serious VIPs. ...But were they?

In this message, we'll shine the spotlight on a few of the first witnesses of Jesus' resurrection and find ourselves reminded of God's broad love and the fact that Easter really is for everyone


Just You Wait, Part 3: You Are Here

Waiting has a way of taking over and forcing us to live in the future, which leads to discontent and worry. God, though, has an alternative for us—a different place for us to live. In this message, we'll look to a man named Joseph for an example of waiting well and being here now

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