Win and Lose, p1: You Lost...Kind Of.

You're a loser. And you know it. You say one thing, but do another. You say you'll stop, but then you do it anyway. Your bad habits, foul thoughts, self-destructive behaviors? They've beaten you. You've lost control of yourself. How on earth can we stop losing? Well, tune in this Sunday. Let's find out.


Holy Ghost Stories, p3: The Angel and the Wrestler

Jacob's been running all his life. He ran from his father, brother, and uncle after lying and stealing from all of them. This trickster can't run anymore, though. His brother's only hours away and he's got 400 men with him. Jacob's at the end of his rope. But, just as things seem bleakest, someone shows up. 

And he wants to wrestle.


O Brother Who Art Thou?

How are we supposed to work, live, and interact with one another in light of the fact that the Creator of the universe came to Earth as a man and died on a cross? The letter to Philemon offers and answer to all these questions (and more!).