Senior Blessing

Parents of Seniors, 

We would like to ask you to write a simple spiritual blessing for your Senior as they graduate from high school. This can be from each parent, or it can be from both. These will be printed and framed for you to present to your Senior during the Senior Sunday festivities. 

As you write your blessing for your Senior, let me encourage you with a few thoughts. 

  • First, please keep them short; to 1-1.5 pages. This is for a couple of reasons, 1. Because we are going to frame them they will need to be printed 8x10. 2. Blessings can be emotional and we would like for you to read them to your Senior if you're willing during the festivities.

  • Second, feel free to share personal & special thoughts (told you they get emotional), but please be mindful of your Senior & do not include anything that would be too embarrassing for them.

  • Third and most important, please let this be a spiritual blessing for your teenager. In scripture we see the power of blessing another person over & over again. You have an opportunity on this special day to bless your child in the presence of friends & family. They may not even fully appreciate it until later in life, but what a tremendous gift you will be bestowing upon them as you read your blessing over them.

You may be asking yourself, "How do I write a spiritual blessing for my Senior?" You may want to use this simple process:

  • Today, as you graduate, my prayer for you is...

  • May God use you to serve His kingdom by...

  • May you always remember...

  • And finally, I urge you to...

It would also be appropriate for you to use Scriptures that have been special to your Senior or to your family as you write your blessing. 

Please fill out this form, so we can print your blessing and have it framed for your student. 

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Please write your blessing below & click submit. We would like to have this by 3/17. Thank you!