Why two worship times?


By the grace of God, Round Rock Church of Christ is growing.

For the last few years God has been filling our building with people who need Him, people eagerly searching for light and love. We've witnessed the powerful transformation of person after person encountering the goodness and uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

God is writing stories here.

In fact, He's writing so many we've run out of room. 

That's why we've added a second Sunday morning worship time--to provide more empty seats, enabling more God-written stories.

Please pray that God works mightily in this change. That He rewards this simple sacrifice. And that He fills every chair with a person who's living a story of discovery and rescue.


What are the times? 

First Worship................8:30am - 9:45am  (Children's environments provided: birth through 3rd grade)

Bible Class....................10:00am - 10:45am

Second Worship..........11:00am - 12:15pm (Children's environments provided: birth through 3rd grade)

When did this begin?  

The Sunday after Labor Day: September 11, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's everything you need to know about the exciting changes at RRCOC. If we missed something, click the button at the bottom of this section and ask away. 


Q: Do the two services look the same?

Yes; our goal is to have the services look as similar as possible. The worship environment, song leader and celebrations during each service mirror one another. This way, our members and visitors are able to continue learning through conversations with one another, even if they attended at a different time.


Q: How will the body stay unified if we are split between two services?

Beyond being unified in Christ, under one set of elders, led by one staff, and receiving the exact same teaching, we believe this transition offers our body the opportunity to be more united in the execution of our mission to live love to the people outside our church who need to be inside it. We're a team and this move draws us closer as we advance toward our goal. 

In terms of being divided during worship, we realize this can feel like a loss. We would love to continue meeting together at one time; it's a gift to see so many people we love in one room. 

We would ask you to remember that on any given Sunday you might personally interact with 15 to 40 people--nowhere near the full 400 we have gathered. Social scientists believe that any one human can only maintain about 150 healthy relationships. So, even if you're a mega extrovert--our body is already too big for any one of us to feel connected to everybody. 

If you feel like you're the exception and you really, really want to see everybody every Sunday, guess what? You can! We'd encourage you to attend one service and volunteer in the other. We have so many ways we'd like to use you, Miss/Mr. People Person. :)

Finally, fellowship meals, Bible classes, small groups and whole-church celebrations like Plus 1 will continue, and moving to two worship times means new ideas for doing more--more outreach activities together, more times eating food together, more opportunities to serve and live love with more people and more small groups.


Q: I already feel like I don't know everybody. Won't this make that worse?

Yes. And (in this case) worse is better. It means more people are coming to know Christ and plugging in to a community of people who love and serve Him. Here's the thing to remember: Knowing everybody isn't the goal of church membership. Our hope for you at RRCOC is that you'd develop meaningful relationships with a couple dozen people. It's not important to know everyone's names. It is important to know a few people's stories, to walk beside them in meaningful relationships that lead to spiritual growth. 


Q: How will this transition affect the children's ministry? 

Children's ministry won't be changed. Each service will include Praise Camp (2yrs - Kindergarten), Joy Explosion (1st - 3rd grade) and an attended nursery during worship.  Children's Bible Classes will continue at 10 am. 


Q: If I volunteer in one service and attend the other, will my child go to Praise Camp/Joy Explosion twice? 

Nope; we have a special, staffed environment for your kids. It's called "After Party" and we think they'll love it.


Q: How will this impact the number of volunteers we need?

Dramatically. We'll need more volunteers (almost double) to serve for the Welcome Center, Communion, AV Booth, Praise Camp, Joy Explosion and the attended nursery. In light of that, please consider volunteering for one service and attending the other! This is a great opportunity to think about the area in which God has gifted you and dedicate time to help grow our church body.


Q: I am fairly new to RRCOC. Where should I volunteer if I feel called to do so?

We could use your help in any area! But a great way to get to know people is by working in our Welcome Center. By helping to greet guests, it will provide you with ample opportunities to meet new people. Contact Dan Burgess at dburgess@rrcoc.org for more info. 


Q: How will this affect parking?

Actually, it's helped parking. With folks spread across two worship times, there's actually room in the parking lot for all of the cars. :) The transition time between Bible Class and Second Worship may get congested traffic-wise, though. We'll be watching this during the first few weeks of the transition and making adjustments or adding directional signage as needed.



Have a question that's not addressed above? Ask away and we'll follow up with you one-on-one.