HIRING: Student Minister


The chief responsibility of the Student Minister is catalyzing Spirit-led transformation in students (6th through 12th grade) through inspirational teaching and leading. This includes encouraging the students to be more active in their personal walk with Jesus, our church body, and the community.

The Student Minister should be a fully devoted follower of Jesus, passionate about God’s Word, grace-oriented, comfortable in leading small and large groups, active in equipping leaders, and able to collaborate with others. He should see the role as partnering with parents in the spiritual development of their children, equipping and assisting the family to that end.

Summary of Responsibilities

Student Relationship and Responsibilities

▪      Teach and model the way of Christ in various contexts

▪      Provide curriculum and recruit teachers for the student classes, small groups, gatherings.

▪      Teach Bible classes and be a resource/mentor to other teachers.

▪      Motivate, encourage and convict students (those who are disciples of Jesus and those who aren’t yet) with healthy teaching  backed by personal life stories and applications. The Bible should serve as the foundation for teaching and an object of consistent enthusiasm.

▪      Develop future leaders among the students by coaching, mentoring, and being a role model.

▪      Provide serving and mission opportunities as a key part of shaping our students spiritually.

▪      Be available for student and parent counseling.

▪      Be encouraging and loving to the students and parents, building them up.

▪      Admonish in love.

▪      Provide leadership to the students with special issues and topics.

▪      Stay abreast of current ministry trends in the world wide Body of Christ including from different traditions, bringing the best to RRCOC (through research, personal experience, conferences, etc.).

▪      While the parents are not a direct responsibility of the Student Minister, the ministry should provide opportunities for parents to engage and share in the ministry for the benefit of the students.

Staff Relationship and Responsibilities

▪      Support and work with the staff and volunteer leaders to accomplish individual and shared responsibilities.

▪      Identify and help initiate action needed to further accomplish the church’s mission.

▪      Participate in and support other staff-led ministry events (including possibly volunteering to lead aspects of the event, as it seems appropriate and helpful; i.e. “no job is too small”).

Elder Relationship and Responsibilities

▪      Serve as an additional resource / link between the elders and students / parents.

▪      Cultivate an active, collaborative partnership with the eldership, including attending evening elders/ministers meetings at least once a month.  

▪      Share in managing pastoral care and crises of students and family members.

▪      Share continuing education opportunities and resources with the elders for their development.

▪      Identify and help initiate action needed to further accomplish the church’s mission.

Congregation Relationship and Responsibilities

▪      Practice a consistent lifestyle of spiritual disciplines and personal ministry that is an example to the church body.  Be transparent about areas of weakness.

▪      Partner with other churches and community organizations.

▪      Develop future leaders by coaching and mentoring.

▪      Able and willing to teach the Bible in one-on-one and group settings.

▪      Participate in and/or lead a small group.

▪      Stand in to preach when/if called upon (2-3 times/year). On these occasions, inspire Christ followers with biblically sound sermons backed by personal life stories and applications to motivate, encourage and convict the body.

General Requirements

▪      Demonstrated spiritual maturity and consistency.

▪      Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Master’s Degree preferred.  Degree in Biblical studies or ministry highly preferred. Some collegiate religious or ministry studies required.

▪      5+ years of ministry experience preferred.

▪      Technical skills – familiarity in using existing/up-to-date technological resources (Mac or PC).

This is a full-time position.

Though spiritual and emotional maturity is a must, no full-time ministry experience is required.

Salary will be discussed during interview process.