Discipleship Minister


The Discipleship Minister’s primary role is to ensure that RRCOC is effectively enabling newcomers’ connection to God and our church body during the first two years of their journey with us.

In short, he or she will help us facilitate people’s growth as disciples of Jesus.

This will be accomplished by conceiving of and overseeing key ministries and volunteer teams that help newcomers navigate a pathway of connection and spiritual growth. Currently, this primarily includes our Small Groups ministry and Welcome Home ministry (our hosts, greeters, and welcome center).

Over time, the Discipleship Minister will be responsible for bringing these ministries to higher levels of coordination, quality, and effectiveness.


  • First-time guests feel welcomed and at home in our worship services.

  • First-time guests return again, thirsty for more.

  • Return guests take courageous next steps in their spiritual journey (joining a small group, getting baptized, becoming contributing members of RRCOC, being mentored, serving alongside others, attending Bible class, embracing our church’s mission of living love by intentionally stepping into our 7 core behaviors, etc)

  • Our small groups flourish as places of deep relationship and sustained spiritual growth.

  • RRCOC provides a clear path that effectively leads individuals to become fully-formed disciples of Jesus.


Lead Round Rock’s small groups ministry

  • Expedite and oversee our group-joining process.

  • Identify and develop future group leaders.

  • Encourage, support, and develop existing leaders.

  • Stay informed of small group dynamics and help groups stay healthy.

  • Look for ways to improve the small group experience.

Lead RRCOC’s Welcome Home ministry

  • Craft and cast vision for the Welcome Home ministry, ensuring that volunteers understand why they’re serving in these roles.

  • Get people involved in our Host, Greeter, and Welcome Center teams.

  • Coordinate these Welcome Home teams, ensuring consistent scheduling and effective training.

  • Develop a collaborative partnership between our Welcome Home teams.

  • Collaborate with the staff and key volunteer leaders to explore ways to improve existing teams and develop any needed new roles/teams.

Continue to develop RRCOC’s discipleship efforts

  • Explore ways for us to more intentionally and effectively accomplish spiritual mentoring.

  • Run Starting Point (our annual small group environment for those exploring God or new to faith).

  • Look for and champion new ways for us to lead people into deeper levels of discipleship.

Function as a part of RRCOC’s ministry staff

  • Practice a consistent lifestyle of spiritual disciplines and personal ministry, striving to live out our Core Behaviors and serve as an example to the church body.

  • Be an encouraging, welcoming face of RRCOC to our members and guests.

  • Be able and willing to teach the Bible in one-on-one and group settings, and teach others to do the same.

  • Be a flexible, available team player. Help other staff members whenever possible, serve at church events; be a generous collaborator.

  • Invest in healthy working relationship and spiritual partnership with our elders.

  • When/if called upon, stand in to preach 2-4 times per year, inspiring our church and guests with Spirit-enabled, Biblically based sermons that guide hearers into deeper levels of discipleship. (A female minister would be exempt from this responsibility.)


This role will involve a lot of time with people. You will spend a lot of time meeting with small group leaders to encourage and coach them, meeting with volunteer team leaders to coordinate ministries, meeting with newcomers to offer guidance in their spiritual journey, etc--so being good with people is a must. Too, you’ll be called upon to closely interact with those who are spiritually mature and those who don’t yet know Christ--so you’ll need to be comfortable and effective in both environments.

This role will also require strong organizational skills. You will spend a lot of time organizing and scheduling volunteers, following up with and placing those who want to join a small group, planning and executing training events, etc. Spreadsheets, emails, a well-kept calendar--these are things you’ll need to be skilled in and comfortable utilizing daily.

You should be someone with a strong heart for those who don’t yet know Christ, believes deeply in the need for—and potential of—intentional spiritual growth, and is action-oriented with the ability to cultivate leaders, manage teams, and prioritize tasks.

We strive to maintain a healthy staff culture, cultivating strong and collaborative relationships among the staff and between the staff and elders. Our goal at RRCOC is to live love--and there are seven things we endeavor to do as we pursue that goal: be brave, be open-handed, be together, be genuine, be changed (and changing), be a reason for someone to come home, and always be celebrating. As a part of our ministry staff, you’ll be expected to join us in those behaviors. You can read more about them here.

This person will report to our preaching/lead minister, Justin Gerhardt, while working side-by-side with the staff and under the guidance of the elders.

This is a full-time position.

Though spiritual and emotional maturity is a must, no full-time ministry experience is required.

Salary will be discussed during interview process.

Male and Female applicants welcome.