Good with Money (part 3): Enough is Enough


Start tonight with a little truth or dare. Every group member has to do either the truth or the dare--their choice.

TRUTH: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever put on a credit card or taken out a loan for?

DARE: Take a swig of one of the condiments in the fridge (BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard--anything you wouldn’t usually eat by itself).


What does it mean to be content?

On Sunday Justin said, “If you never feel like you have/make enough, you may very well love money.”

Did you find that convicting? Why or why not? Do you usually feel like you have enough? Or do you usually feel like you need more?

Justin said, “Many of us often feel like we don’t have extra or don’t have enough because we’ve tethered ourselves to our aspirations. We’ve blurred the line between what we want and what we need by  turning our wants into needs.”

Have you ever done that?

Have you ever allowed yourself to get in debt reaching for things you don’t need? Share an example.

How did it feel?

How do we decide how much is enough? What kinds of questions could we ask ourselves to determine an actual mile marker for “enough”?

With which of the following are you most likely to be discontent:

  • Your shoe collection

  • The amount of money in your 401K

  • Your vacations (or lack thereof)

  • What you eat for lunch every day

  • Your car

  • The nice-ness of your house

  • Your phone or TV

Why do you think that particular thing is a struggle? What could you do practically speaking to grow in contentment in that category?

How often do you find yourself shopping for things you don’t need? What rules could you put in place to prevent that?

Consider the following practical ways to fuel contentment and do one or two together:

Practicing Gratitude. Listing blessings often takes our eyes off what we don’t have and turns it toward the abundance of gifts we’ve been given. As a group make a list of ways God’s showing you his love and provision. End with a rousing, Thank you, God. We love it!

Remembering His promises. If you’re feeling like you won’t have enough, listen to God promise you will. Read the following passages as reminders:

  • Psalm 111:2-5

  • I Timothy 6:17

  • Luke 11:9-13

Looking Back. Think back to a time when you were less wealthy and happy. Share a memory of a time when you were delightfully content with less.


Read Luke 12:13-34.

Start with the parable. What’s the point? Have you ever made plans for bigger barns? How’d that go? If we aren’t supposed to make selfish plans for our wealth, what should we plan for the money we make? Should we not plan?

How does this parable challenge you personally?

Consider Jesus’ words about worry. What’s the relationship between worry and money/stuff?

Why does Jesus say we shouldn’t worry?

What does Jesus say we should seek? What will be the result?

Have you found seeking the kingdom to be a distraction from other kinds of worries? What does it mean to have treasure in Heaven?


If you didn’t make a list of blessings earlier in the night, use your prayer time to express gratitude. If you already did that, be sure to include a prayer for contentment, asking God to help you trust Him for enough and help you not be striving for more than you need.