Jesus, Monarch (part 6): Resurrected and Reigning

This week we encourage you to get together with your group and celebrate the risen Christ. Eat dinner together (or some yummy dessert), and talk about where you’re experiencing new life. Be casual, but also intentional. Direct the conversation toward Christ. You might print off the following questions and let each member respond to one or two.

Where is Christ enabling resurrection in you? In the people you love?

When (recently) did you almost give up only to find God enabling your perseverance or victory?

Looking back over the past calendar year, where have you more fully turned over your life to Christ’s authority?

What do you have hope for right now?

What are you most looking forward to about Christ’s return?

You might end the night celebrating resurrection in prayer, thanking God for the hopes and victories you’ve shared, or with a reading. Consider I Corinthians chapter 15 or Philippians 3:7-14.