Still Breathing (part 2): What You're Reading

This week’s lesson doesn’t lend itself to our usual pattern of reflection and discussion. In light of that consider one or two of the following options for group this week:

  • Have members share any questions they have after listening to Sunday’s sermon. If you don’t know the answers, research them together on your phones. Share what you discover and discern what answer seems right.

  • Consider creating a Bible reading plan as a group. Commit to what, when, and how much you’ll read. Plan a time to check in and/or discuss what you’re reading. If this isn’t a good idea for your group, share your current personal reading plans.

  • Watch one of the following videos and discuss together:

    • This video on how modern Bible translation works at Seed Company (an organization devoted to translating the Bible into all the world’s languages) :

    • This video from The Bible Project on what the Bible is:

    • This other video from The Bible Project on the story of the Bible:

    • This Bible facts trivia game:

    • This video on the differences between English translations and why they all exist: