Jesus, Monarch (part 2): Heir Apparent


We know you’re all adults, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and play a game. How about a rousing round of Simon Says? See how good your members are at following orders. :)


Are you good at following a leader? Do you tend to be critical of leadership or generous? How do you respond to having a boss at work? Are you good or bad at giving up control? Explain.

Justin said Sunday that we humans tend to “eat our leaders.” Have you seen that to be true? Share an example.

Share a story of a time you depended on a leader/king and found yourself disappointed.

The Apostle Paul says in Colossians that Jesus has supremacy over everything. What does that mean exactly? What does it mean for you as you consider following Him?

What are differences between the dominion of darkness and Christ’s kingdom?

What would it look like if Jesus showed up today in Round Rock, TX to assert His claim to kingship?

  • How might he act?

  • Where might he teach?

  • What kinds of miracles might he do?

  • Who might he call to be His disciples?

  • Who would be offended/angry? Why?

  • Who would be accepting? Why?

What are the ways Jesus challenges our ideas of kingship/authority? In what ways is Jesus a surprising King?

Consider this quote from NT Wright in his book Simply Jesus: “We want someone to save our souls, not rule our world! Or, if we want a king, what we want is someone to implement the policies we already embrace.”

Is this true for you? When you decided to follow Jesus, what parts of your life were hard to give over to His reign? What parts of your life are you still struggling to put under the authority of Christ?


Read Revelation 11:15-19.

We said Sunday that Jesus’ kingdom hasn’t come yet partly to give more people the chance to submit to Christ’s authority. Consider this glimpse into Heaven on the day when Jesus does in fact, assert His power.

  • What do you learn about Jesus as monarch from this passage?

  • How will Jesus’ reign ultimately be received?

  • As you consider Jesus’ return and full reign, how does it make you feel personally? What emotions emerge?


This week work a prayer of allegiance into your group prayer time. Tell Jesus you submit to His reign and welcome His rule. Ask Him to show you how to walk under His authority.