How We Live Love: Be A Reason for Someone to Come Home


This week we began a series of sermons unveiling our core behaviors as a church. Every church has a different personality, different strengths and weaknesses, different DNA. These seven behaviors are, in essence, our DNA as a church.

So far, we’ve revealed one of the seven ways we feel like God is using our church and calling our church forward. Wanna guess what’s coming next? Have your group members share one thing they love about this assembly of saints (or one way they think we’re being made strong by God).


The first way we’re striving to live love is by embracing this call to action:

Be a reason for someone to come home

  • What does that mean? Summarize it in your own words.

  • Why is this core behavior so important to us as a family?

**Please spend the bulk of your time in group considering the next two questions.**

  1. Name someone who was one of the reasons you came home. Share the part they played in your story of faith. Ask all group members to share.

  2. What can we do to be a reason for someone to come? Make a big, long list of potential action steps--some for us as individuals and some for us as a collective body. Be specific! Share your list with the rest of the church (we’d love a bit of your wisdom)  at

Being the church means opening the door wide for those who aren’t the church. Sometimes though, opening the door wide is inconvenient and uncomfortable. Making it easier for outsiders who are turning to God often means making it harder for the insiders who already have.

  • What might we need to sacrifice in order to “make it easy for the gentiles who’re turning to God”?


Consider Luke 14:12-14

What can we learn about welcoming the outsider from this passage?

Who are the prodigal sons in your life? Who do you know who needs to come home?  Tonight, pray for those people as a group.