Easter is for Everyone (part 1): Snapshots


How did your group members celebrate Easter? Share. Do any of you celebrate Easter with special traditions or in a spiritual way (beyond attending worship)? Tell the group how and why those practices mean something to you.



Why is Jesus' resurrection from the dead essential to the Christian faith?

What does Christ's resurrection enable for us?

What does it look like to be resurrection people? How does the concept of resurrection affect your day to day failures, missteps and heartaches?

Share a story of a time when you saw God working resurrection in your life.

What does it suggest about Christ and His gospel message that the first witnesses of the resurrection were such a motley crew?

What do we mean when we say Easter is for everyone? Is that hard to believe? Have you ever struggled to receive God's love and grace yourself? Have you ever struggled to extend it to someone else?



Read Acts 13:27-39

  • What is the heart of Paul's sermon here? What's it about essentially?
  • What is the promise inherent in Christ's resurrection?



Where do you need some resurrection? What's dead in your life that you revived?

Share with your group and pray for new life. 



Listen to this song from worship leaders Rend Collective. Consider the line "This is my Resurrection Day." What are the implications of that truth in your everyday life? If every day is your resurrection day, what changes?