Dirt & Spit

Questions based on the sermon from Connections Minister, Dan Burgess


As this is Dan Burgess’s last week with us here at Round Rock, take a minute with your group to pray for him, his family, and his new work at the Landmark church in Montgomery, AL.

Too, we’d love it if you’d pray for Round Rock’s future, for wisdom as we grow and for patience and vision as we make our next hire. If you have questions or input for the staff and elders, you can email them at input@rrcoc.org.


Read the text from this Sunday’s sermon: John 9:1-11.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re there to witness the miracle.

What do you notice? How do you feel? How are the people around you reacting?

What does this miracle teach you about Who God is?

What does this miracle teach you about how God acts?


Dan said in his sermon Sunday, “With Jesus we can and should expect the unexpected.”

What does that mean?

How can you better position yourself to expect the unexpected? Think through a list of practical suggestions.

Do you have expectations of God? Are you holding onto them too tightly?

What is it okay to expect from God?

Has God ever surprised you? If so, tell the story to your group.

If not, is it possible you missed it? Have you been open to surprises from God?

The purpose of this miracle, according to Jesus, isn’t primarily the man’s sight; it’s God’s glory.

What are you looking for more often--healing or God’s glory? For God to do what you want Him to or for God to receive attention and praise?

What can we do to ensure that God gets glory when He does amazing things in our lives?

In this story Jesus uses something not very special to accomplish something very, very special. Have you ever seen God use small, ordinary things to accomplish the extraordinary? Share an example.

Dan asked us as he closed his message, “What in your life desperately needs some dirt & spit?” He said, “Jesus wants your eyes wide open, and He wants you to take whatever step you need to be clean and follow Him.” Where is God calling you to take a step? Where is God at work doing unexpected things?


This week have group members pray this simple prayer every day: God, open my eyes.

Have members report back next week with what God led them to see. Remember to expect the unexpected!