Feast People (part 3): Celebration 101


How many times do you think the word “celebrate” appears in the NIV Bible? Have everyone guess. Closest to the correct answer wins a prize. (You’ll need a prize!)

The answer is (48+30-10)+68) divided by 2  (just in case you wanted to guess too, we figured we wouldn’t make the answer flagrant).

Have you ever attended a really great party? Tell your group about it. What made it so great?

How’s your feast planning coming? Discuss what you’re planning.



What did you learn about Passover during this week’s sermon? What is it? Why did Israel celebrate it? What were some of the ways they celebrated it? What did that celebration teach Israel about God? Why/how might it have been effective at shaping them into holier, more God-like people?

How might it be helpful to know communion first occurred in the context Passover? What do the two feasts have in common? Where does the story of communion overlap with the story of Passover?

What are we “celebrating” at the communion meal? Personally and corporately?

This Sunday we asked, if we’re to be Feast People who cultivate joy by gathering regularly to celebrate the work and blessing of God, what does that look like and what are some ways can we do it on purpose?

  • What kinds of things can we celebrate? Make as long a list as you can.

  • Now go back over your list of reasons to celebrate and imagine how you might celebrate each of those things in a practical way.



Read 2 Chronicles 5:2-6; 11-14; 7:1-10 (You might also skim Solomon’s prayer in chapter 6)

This passage describes one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) celebrations in Israel’s history.

  • What are they celebrating?

  • How are they celebrating?

  • Use some adjectives to describe this event. Can you imagine doing something like this today to celebrate some good thing the Lord has done? Why or why not?



This week ask God to open your eyes to things that should be celebrated. Perhaps you might also do a round of “Look what God’s done! We love it! Thank you, God!” having each member share one “look what God’s done!” and the group responding in prayer with “We love it! Thank you God!”



Watch this video to remind you of all you have to celebrate in light of God’s identity as giver of good gifts (ignore the Christmas theme): http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=19C1CJNU

  • You might encourage your group to text one another throughout the week with “over the top” exclamations at what God’s done. :)