The Hero's Journey (part 2): Crossing the Threshold


What’s your favorite movie “threshold moment” (a moment when a character must finally make a choice to go down a path or step through a doorway, probably one that seems scary or mysterious)? Consider the movie clips Dan showed on Sunday and add your own to the list.



This week we talked about threshold moments. What is a threshold? How do you know when you’re in a threshold moment? List a few threshold moments common to most people.

Generally speaking, what kinds of adventures does God call us into? What specific fears might prevent us from going?

Think of moments in your own life when you felt like you were being called to set out on a holy adventure. Share with the group. (You might have each person write down one moment when God presented them with an opportunity to set out on a journey. Then, have each person answer the questions below on their paper before sharing their responses with the group.)

  • What made you feel compelled? Was it a person? A book? An experience? A tension or problem?

  • How did you decide to go?

  • What barriers stood in your way?

  • What influences helped affirm your decision? Were you met with support and encouragement or ridicule and criticism?

Do you struggle with fear? Do you feel like fear sometimes keeps you from the adventures God has for you? If so, share with the group.

What can we do to overcome fear? What does God tell us about fear?

Share a time when it would have been more dangerous to stay where you were than to strike out on a journey? Did you know that at the time or only from hindsight?

Have you ever ignored a call to go by resolving to stay in your situation? How did that play out?



For this series’ small group scripture readings we’re looking at some of the hero’s journey stories in the Bible.

This week, read Joshua 1:1-9 and 3:7-17.

  • For whom is this story a threshold moment?

  • What is the call to adventure? Who issues it? Who responds?

  • What does God indicate could stand in the way of Joshua answering the call?

  • How does God respond to Joshua’s bravery?



This week, pray your fears. Have each group member share one fear that’s standing in between them and doing what God’s calling them to do. Pray God would make them brave.



Here are a few more Crossing the Threshold scenes from movies to get you inspired:

True Grit

Lord of The Rings