Signs (part 1): Interrupted


For some people this question will be ridiculous, but it’s likely a few people in your group have a very passionate response: Do you have an all-time favorite Billboard or sign? Describe it to the group.

You might want to visit this lovely collection of church signs:

  • What do these outside signs tell you about the church inside?

Changing directions, do you have a favorite Bible miracle? Which one? Why do you like that one so much?



(Heads up: This is a great week to include the older kids (6+) in your group discussion if you'd like.)

This week we were in Mark 5:21-43. To start small group this week we strongly encourage you to do a meditative reading of the text together, encouraging members to use their imaginations and try to enter the story as if they were present.

1. Read the Gospel passage twice so that the story and the details of the story become familiar. Read it once, then read the questions below (#2), then read it a second time.

2. Close your eyes and reconstruct the scene in your imagination.

-What do you see? Hear? Smell? Feel?

-See what’s going on and watch the men and women in the scene.

-What does Jesus look like?

-How do the others react to him?

-What are the people saying to one another?

-What emotions fill their words?

-Is Jesus touching someone?

Explain to the group that they’re welcome to enter into the scene, perhaps as an observer, as one lining up for healing, or as one helping others to Jesus (whatever makes sense).

You can construct a movie-like scenario or simply enter the story verbally, reflecting on the scene and mulling over the actions. Vividness is not a criteria for the effectiveness of this kind of meditation. Engagement is and the result is a more interior knowledge of Jesus.)

When you’ve given the group time to do this, come back together to discuss what you saw, felt and understood. (If you decided for some reason not to do this activity, still read the passage together and discuss whatever’s interesting to you. What sticks out as powerful, tender, special or confusing?)

After your time in meditative reading, consider the bottom line from our message Sunday: Jesus is in charge.

  • Is that an easy truth to accept or a hard one? Had you been present for those miracles do you think you’d a have more solid sense of Jesus’ authority? Why or why not?

How does knowing Jesus is in charge shape the life you’re living?



Consider the following two song representations of this miracle (both of these links are videos with lyrics):

“One Touch” by Nicole C. Mullin:

“Hem Of His Garment” by Sam Cooke:

  • Which one do you think captures the essence of the miracle best? How so?

Don’t like songs? How about a cartoon version?



As our church is in the process of looking for new elder candidates you might take some time in your group to discuss what that means and see if any of your members have questions (about the process or about elder qualifications).