This Sunday we talked about being the adopted children of God. Before we talk about what it means to be God’s children, what does it mean to you to be your parents’ child?

What are the perks/blessings of being the son or daughter of your physical father?

What kind of inheritance do you have (this could be material or in personality/character)?



Read John 14:15-31.

Here, Jesus says he won’t leave the apostles as orphans. What does He mean by that?

What can we learn about our relationship with Jesus, the Father and the Spirit from this passage?



Justin started his sermon this Sunday with a string of questions. Have you ever asked yourself any of these:

  • Do I belong?
  • Do I matter?
  • Am I truly loved?
  • Am I safe?
  • Is there hope for me?
  • Is my past always going to follow me?
  • Does what I’ve done make me unlovable?
  • Is everything really going to work out in the end?

Share which question you’re most likely to ask. Why do you think this question sticks in your teeth?

As you consider the idea of adoption, try as a group to list the benefits of having a family (vs not having one). List at least ten reasons it’s good to have a family.

Now consider reasons it’s good to be adopted by God. What benefits do you find in joining God’s family? Share your personal experience. You might revisit our list of questions above. How does adoption answer those questions?

Have you ever looked for belonging outside of God? Where have you gone looking? What makes belonging hard?

What does God do to help/enable belonging in His family?

We said on Sunday, “God can’t welcome you into his family unless you let Him.”

How do we let Him? What practical steps do we need to take?

End your discussion this week with a consideration of the call to be like our Father and adopt those in need of love, belonging and security.

Is there anyone in your group who might/should/could consider adopting a child? Do you know someone you should encourage to adopt?

What are the reasons why a person might adopt?

Are there legitimate reasons not to adopt? Which of our reasons are legitimate and which reasons represent excuses?

What is your group doing (in a personal or collective way) to take care of orphans?



This week, pray for the four orphans our church has committed to pray for: Natalie, Jake, Nelly and Abe. Pray that they would find a home and a family.

Too, pray that God would soften hearts in our church family and lead a couple (or a couple couples) into a decision to adopt.