Love... Where You Live (part 2): The Space-Time Continuum

1. Lots To Do

Take a second right now to write down everything you wish you could get done this week. Give group members one minute. Write as much as you can.

Is your list reasonable?

Do you ever feel like you have more to do than time to do it?

How does that feel?

How does it make you feel when you realize you need to be doing something you haven't been doing already? How does it feel to add something to the list? Be completely honest.

Does this sermon series stress you out at all?

Is there a solution for that?

Does God want you to feel stressed out or overwhelmed? If not, how do we swing being good neighbors and everything else?

2. Which Sister Are You?

Read Luke 10:38-42.

Do you associate more with Martha or Mary? If you were going to defend Martha in that
moment, what would you want to say?

Do you ever fall prey to "The Worship of the Urgent"? Do you usually/often do what's urgent/pressing, no matter how many more important things there are to do? Think of the last time you ignored something important to do what was urgent. Share with the group.


3. Myth Busters

Discuss the following myths and how you see them impacting our culture:

  • “Things will settle down someday.”
  • “More will be enough.”
  • “Everybody lives like this.”

With which of the three myths do you struggle the most? How does that reveal itself in your life?

Watch this video:

Do you find yourself saying "I'm too busy"?

Are you really?

What might change if instead of saying "I'm too busy" you said instead, "That's not a priority for me"?


4. World's Greatest Neighbor

Imagine yourself with the time to be a great neighbor. What could change in your life or in your neighborhood? Take a moment to daydream. Be specific.


5. Making Space

As you consider the issue of margin in your own life, what could you say “no” to in order to spend more time in your neighborhood? What sacrifices do you need to make to be a good neighbor?


6. A Good Way To Love

Are you praying for your neighbors? Pray for them together. Make a list of all your neighbors and pray over the names. If you know any particular needs, pray for those. Otherwise, pray they'd be led closer to God. Pray you'd have opportunities to be a good neighbor.

You may even let your neighbors know you've decided to pray regularly for the people who live around you. Ask them if there's anything in particular you can pray for, and let them know you're honored to do it.