Airplane Mode (Part 3) "You are now free to move about the kingdom"


#1 Watch or Listen To "Airplane Mode: Turbulence"

Consider this Sunday morning’s lesson. You can listen here:

Or watch here [video will be posted by Monday each week]:

What stuck out to you as interesting?

Did you encounter any challenging or re-orienting truth?


#2 Instruction Manual

On Sunday, Zane gave an example of him and his dad building a shed.  Share a time you tried to build/make/create without an instructional manual and things did not turn out well.  What kept you from asking for help? 

In what aspects of your life do you need to ask Jesus for help instead of doing it on your own? 


#3 Giving

Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-11. 

Are you a cheerful giver? Or do you find yourself reluctant to be generous?  

Do you struggle with needing to see the immediate impact of your gift? If so, how do we become cheerful givers who don't need to see the impact? 


#4 Praying

Throughout the Airplane Mode sermon series, we've been reminded that God knows who we are and He knows all of our desires. Take a few minutes to spread out and find some semi-quiet space. Individually go to God in silent prayer.  If your meeting area does not allow for this, pray silently in place for a few minutes. 


#5 Fasting 

Read Isaiah 58:4- 9 (Stop at "Here am I"). 

We fast to hunger for what God hungers for us.

Have you ever found yourself to be fasting for the wrong reasons?   How do we make God the center of our focus as we fast and avoid fasting for the sake of fasting? 

In your life, what chains of injustice need to be loosened; what cords of the yoke need to be untied? In other words, what aspects in your life do you need a fast from in order to be set free from?

Discuss how small group members can be supportive towards others fasting.  


#6  Disciples of Discipline

At the end of the sermon, we were challenged as a small group to develop one of the three practices; giving, fasting or praying.  Choose one discipline and discuss how you will help each other develop this over the week.