We Are Because I Am (Part 1): Where We're Headed

#1 Watch or Listen to "We Are Because I Am" (Part 1): Where We're Headed

Consider this Sunday morning’s lesson. You can listen here: http://bit.ly/1gCDfNL

Or watch here [video will be posted by Monday each week]: www.vimeo.com/rrcoc

What stuck out to you as interesting?

Did you encounter any challenging or re-orienting truth?


#2 What It Takes To Build A Wall

In this week's message, we read about how the formerly-exiled Jews rebuilt the rundown and languishing city of Jerusalem. Under Nehemiah’s leadership, the people finally came together and completed Jerusalem’s wall in an impressive 52 days (Nehemiah 6:15).

What does it take to do that kind of work in a group? What attitudes, behaviors, virtues, postures etc. would they have needed?

What kind of person collaborates and partners well?

  • Make a list of characteristics.
  • Do you struggle with any of the attitudes/postures on the list? Discuss how to grow in your ability to partner. 

Take a look at our church. Where do you see good work happening as a result of collaboration and connection?


#3 Built Up

Read Ephesians 4:7-16

Why did God give His people different gifts and roles? What's His plan?

How will we attain to the "whole measure of the fullness of Christ?"


#4 Looking Back

Go around the circle and encourage each member to share one good, powerful, transformative or faith-deepening moment they experienced in the context of this church in 2014.

  • If you're struggling you might fill in the blank: This year at Round Rock I saw God in _________.


#5 Not It

On Sunday Justin said sometimes we can mistakenly feel as though “the church” exists entirely apart from us.

Have you ever found yourself thinking that way? Have you ever stood on the outside critiquing the church instead of pitching in to make a difference?  Share.

  • Why is it so easy to do that?
  • What might help us and/or others have a more collaborative attitude?

As you discuss the importance of "being the church," resolve as a small group to live out our mission as a church in two specific ways in 2015. Make plans.