Series Overview

Teenagers stand at the top of the list of those who dislike authority. But from the very first pages of the Bible, God has a lot to say about the topic. He made humanity to submit to His authority. But He also gifted us with the authority to rule our world. Sin corrupted that structure, and ever since, humans and authority don’t get along. Those who have authority lord it over those who don’t. And those who don’t have authority hate those who do. In the lives of teenagers, authority becomes a particularly pungent problem. From parents to teachers to government institutions, youth of all generations have challenged the right of their superiors to tell them what to do.

This 4-part youth series gets it all out into the open. We’ll look at biblical teaching on the nature of authority—where did it come from and why should we pay attention? We’ll dig into the messy way that authority muscles into the lives of youth: God, parents, teachers, the government, and in their own roles as leaders. Not all authority is good—and we’ll paint a picture of what it looks like to resist authority in a godly way. In the end we’ll see that authority under God is a good thing. We find our most fulfilling life when we live in obedience to God, because He said so.

Part One - God is in Control

Part Two - Parents are in Control

Part Three - Institutions are in Control

Part Four - You are in Control

I wanted to give you guys a resource to look at as we discuss this video series. Each week I will upload a new discussion guide. This is provided to us from the makers of the video and we will not be covering it in it’s entirety. My plan this week is to cover pages 16 and 17 of the discussion guide.

quick note about mature themes

Also a quick note about the mature themes. The mature themes are not the point of discussion and are not the point of the video. The mature themes come from students who are telling their story and how their story connects to the main point. For example, in Part one, there is a teenager named Tyler that through middle school and high school has dealt with varying degrees of pornography addiction, drinking, and sex. He shares about how those things ruled in his life, before he decided that God is in control. The point of the stories is to help students connect to the main point.