On Upturned Plans and a Leap of Faith: Laura Armbrust's Adoption Story

I first knew I wanted adoption to be a part of my story when I was 10 years old. There was a poster in the public library of older children who needed to be adopted, and I was sure I needed to be their big sister. While it wasn't something that was in the plan for my family at the time, it has always remained in my heart as something I just inherently knew would be a part of my life at some point.

When the church announced the hosting program last summer, I felt that tug, and thought that even though it couldn't possibly be a calling to adopt internationally (after all, MY plan was domestic adoption, and that was probably a few years down the road still), I thought that this could be a way for me to help in a small way in some child's life, and would hopefully lead to that child finding a family. I ended up hosting two sisters--Ketty and Dayana--and I DEFINITELY knew my place was just advocating for them. I had no plans to adopt two more children and I had no plans to suddenly have a teenager.

Now I know that God loves to laugh in the face of our plans. I'm pretty sure I fell in love the moment I met them, and for weeks after they left, I felt like I might be going crazy: every time I spoke with a family about them, or shared why they are so amazing, or prayed for God to find them a family, I heard this voice speaking all of it right back to me. And every argument I threw back, was met with a resounding response of, "I have prepared you for this. This is MY plan for you." And when I didn't want to listen to the still, small voice in my heart, God put people in my life who spoke truth to me. As I cried over their future, one of my close friends basically said, "Why are you crying? You know what you have to do, so why aren't you doing it?"

Then I took a leap of faith, and God has had me every step of the way. I have been in awe of not only how everything has fallen into place so easily, but how at peace I feel. I'm not adopting. I'm just bringing my girls home.