Because of His Great Love: On the 2018 Women's Retreat

A few weeks ago our women gathered in Salado, TX for our 2018 women's retreat. Our speaker Arlene Kasselman led our hearts and minds in purposeful reflection on what it means to be loved by God and how that one truth shapes our identity and actions. 

Here are a few photos and some highlights shared by women who attended:

After attending this year's women's retreat, what are you going home with? What did you learn?

Pamela Crider Champion:  I learned that God will take what I can do, my interests, my passions, my life and meld that with what He wants me to do. Simple but difficult.

Amber Benskin: The law was given not out of a means to dictate to us rules but rather to show us how to live in better community with another. Even God's cleansing of the temple was because of those being marginalized.

Lisa Seward Shultz: I do not have to live in the past, feeling guilty about things I have done and things that have happened to me. I can let go of that "baggage" and trade it for better things, things God has intended for me. I need to step into the role of my true identity. Believe all the things that God says I am.

Michelle Mohrmann: This is what stuck with me....
Your (my) worth has been taken out of your (my) hands and decided in your (my) favor. 
Relating this to my identity in Christ as described in Ephesians 1&2, I am adored, redeemed, forgiven, chosen, included, loved.

Tiffany Sanders: When we remember who we really are and whose we really are, it’s a game changer. By filling ourselves with the words He identifies us by, we become amazingly free and whole again.

Tanja Whitehead Wren: I learned the importance of discussion. I went into small group thinking a certain way and through the course of discussion I was challenged in my thinking. I was also able to see characteristics in myself that I hadn’t thought about but were shared by others. Without discussion it is impossible to truly grow and understand.