On New Lights and Being Light

Last week we installed new stage lighting in the auditorium. We're still working out all the kinks, getting the right bulbs, and adjusting the settings, but we're sure it's going to make a big improvement in our overall lighting situation. Wondering why we needed new lights? Here's one reason why:

Every Sunday we record the sermon and publish it to Vimeo, a video hosting website. From there we link it to our church website and Facebook page. We do this for members who can't make it, yes. For when you're sick or traveling (we currently have a family watching remotely each week while they handle their child's cancer care). But we also do this to reach people beyond our church, both within the Round Rock community and outside it. 

How well are we reaching those people? 

Really well. 

Over the course of the last 365 days Round Rock videos have been played almost 6,000 times. 

In the last two years we've baptized at least four people who first interacted with our church via sermon videos, watching for weeks before ever entering our building. 

Our sermon videos are used by missionaries in Brazil and Croatia, and have been viewed just this year in each of the locations indicated on the map below:

God is using these videos. (Thank you, God! We love it!)

In order to invest more fully in this good work we've improved the stage lighting in the auditorium (A big thanks to Kirk Roefer for handling the wiring and Jack Chisum for supervising the installation). This will enable better picture quality in our sermon videos (which have so far suffered a bit from lack of light and the presence of dramatic shadows). 

Lights seem like a boring way to spend God's money. But getting the good news into the hands of people across the globe? That's something worth investing in. 

P.S. These new (more directional) lights will greatly improve the picture quality on our screens in the auditorium by reducing the light washed onto them. The worship slides and story videos we play on occasion should be much more readable and watchable. 


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