On Doing What Jesus Did // Dylan Kennedy's Baptism Story

I grew up in the church and always watched people being baptized, so I knew I wanted to do the same thing someday. A couple months before I turned 13 I told my parents I thought I was ready. My dad said he had a book about baptism that his dad used when people felt ready for baptism. The only problem was he had no idea where it was! When he found it, we went through it and talked about it. We talked about baptism being a death, burial, and resurrection. Our sins die and are buried along with us in the water, and we come up cleansed.

I also knew that baptism was something we needed to do because Jesus did it himself. If Jesus did it, then it must be important!

To me, baptism means accepting God in to your life, getting a fresh start, and choosing to live a life that pleases God.