On Being Together (No Matter Our Ages)

This Sunday our youth sponsored a Sweethearts dinner for our members over the age of 50. That's sweet--young people serving older people, cute decorations, a photo booth. But serving them wasn't the big point. Connection was the point, remembering that we're family, that no matter how many years we have between us, we have a whole host of things in common (especially Christ). 

To help drive this home for everyone, teens and older folks paired up for a rousing round of "speed dating," asking each other all kinds of interesting get to know you questions.

Then they took pictures with their "new" friends. :)

Josh Jones, our youth minister, said, "The idea behind all of it was to bridge some of the generational boundaries within our church. Not necessarily to create fellowship and community between two different generations but to show them that since they (the students) are a part of this church they already are in community with this generation and everyone in our church."

Thanks to everyone who participated! What a gift it is to find connection in the family of God!