On The Winter Youth Retreat, Learning To Be Like Jesus, and Scavenger Hunting

Just a couple weekends ago our youth gathered at Camp of the Hills near Marble Falls to grow closer to one another and Christ, worshipping, praying, and studying 3 of Jesus’ "I am" statements:

"I am the Good Shepherd," learning to listen for God’s voice 

"I am the Bread of Life," learning to trust God more

"I am the Light of the World," learning about Jesus being light and how to carry that light ourselves

On Sunday, the speaker gave the students some practical (though wacky) ways to live these truths out, like leaving an open seat for Jesus or taking a walk with God (and talking to him like he’s walking right beside you).

Over the weekend the students grew closer to one another playing different games, but the big activity that everyone will remember was the scavenger hunt. Not because it was a standard run of the mill hunt, but because while the students were hunting for clues, they were also being hunted. George, our speaker, drove around in his truck and “captured” groups, making it a great game of cat and mouse while students simultaneously tried to find all of the clues and evade capture. Everyone also had fun bonding over smores, "banana surgery," and hanging out during down times. 

Thanks to Josh Jones for the event recap! Here are a few pictures of the fun: