Bekah Casey//On Crusades and Cookies in Uganda

We asked Bekah to share a picture and some reflections on her recent trip to Uganda. As she says, she couldn't pick just one picture. We're glad she shared more...

I couldn't just chose one; there were so, so many awesome moments that I was able to capture in pictures.

The first pictures are from the nightly crusades, at each crusade there would be worship time where there would be dancing, singing and lots of praying. Then you would have the opportunity to pray over the people that needed healing and would come up during that time. After having many prayers of healing there would be a sermon.

Many people would stand up the whole time they were at the crusades, which usually lasted about 5-6 hours. The people that would come to the crusades weren't upset that they didn't have anywhere to sit down, they were just so happy to be able to be listening to the word of God and praising him in a way some people have never seen before.

Watching how free in Spirit the people were is so amazing, these Africans didn't have very much but they sure didn't seem like it; how free they were over there was absolutely amazing!

At each crusade, the preacher would ask if anyone wanted to accept Jesus into their lives and receive him, and if they did they would write their name on paper and could chose to take it a step further and get baptized. The baptism was after the last crusade at the end of the week. At the mass baptism 139 people were baptized.


The last picture has a story of its own behind it:

I brought out a few boxes of cookies and was handing them out, each cookie I handed out to the little kids they would hide them somewhere so I couldn't see them and reach up and try to get another one, making me think I didn't already give them one. Some of them tried to push each other away to try and get the most they could. At first there wasn't this many kids, but they kept running up. After I ran out of cookies I'm pretty sure I was more sad about it than the kids were.

There were just so so many pictures and great things that happened on this trip; it was really hard to pick just a few.