The Growing Community

All of us are members of several communities, some by choice and others by default. Neighborhoods, school, work, any number of clubs or organizations—all of which function in basically the same way. The members of a community share some common identity or purpose that unifies the group as a whole. Christians thrive on this idea of community, and in fact believe that we are a part of the most extensive, formative, and important community in existence: the Church.


Bad Plan, Part 1: No Thanks, God

Avoiding God’s call? Bad plan. When God speaks about the direction of your life, it’s not a suggestion. As scary as his call may be, though, there's one big reason you don't have to be afraid. Speaker: Justin Gerhardt // Watch the whole series here:


Light and Life

Christmas is layered. We laugh and we cry, we celebrate togetherness and we mourn the loss of those we can't be with anymore. Christ can be trusted in that complexity—after all, the first Christmas was all about darkness and light. …And the life that light brought.


Surviving Christmas, Part 2: The Fire Of Conflict

The holiday give us a great opportunity to gather with others. But with “others”...comes conflict. Spouse-to-spouse, sibling-to-sibling, child-to-parent, parent-to-child, friend-to-friend--the opportunities for us to disagree with and disappoint one another abound at this time of year.

So how do we survive? We’ll look to a famous passage in Scripture for the answer.


Surviving Christmas, Part 1: Death By Disappointment

Christmastime is full of expectations. The photos, the presents, the meals, the parties, the family interactions--we have an idea of how each of these things should go. Unfortunately, things often don’t go according to plan. Photos don’t turn out, presents don’t arrive on time, your kids (or parents) don’t behave--the list goes on and on. So what do you do with the disappointment that inevitably comes? In this message, we’ll see what God has to say about surviving the unmet expectations that often plague us at Christmas (and the rest of the year as well).


Defying Gravity, Part 1: Insidious

Whatever you struggle with—whether selfishness, hatred, prejudice, greed, dishonesty, laziness, pride, or something else—you have these moments when you see it clearly...but when you try to do better, you can’t.

It's like you’re weighed down, trying to rise above, but you keep getting pulled down by this almost gravitational force.

This is a series about that force—about what we need to know (and do) about the sin that holds us down.

defying gravity.001.jpeg


You need to be loved. You need to belong. You need protection and identity. In this message, Justin shares what it means to be adopted by God (and why it’s just what you most need).


Skeptics Welcome, Part 3: Hold The Magic

What's going on with all the magical stuff in the Bible--Daniel in the lion's den, Noah and the flood, a talking donkey, fire from Heaven, Jesus healing people? Are we supposed to believe that stuff actually happened? Or can we dispense with the magic and welcome the wise teaching?

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Skeptics Welcome, Part 2: Just One Rule?

"You should be free do live as you see fit, as long as you don't harm others." Maybe you've heard this before. Maybe you've said it before. But is it a value worth holding onto? In this message, we'll explore the consequences and alternatives of a life focused on personal freedom.

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