Defying Gravity, Part 1: Insidious

Whatever you struggle with—whether selfishness, hatred, prejudice, greed, dishonesty, laziness, pride, or something else—you have these moments when you see it clearly...but when you try to do better, you can’t.

It's like you’re weighed down, trying to rise above, but you keep getting pulled down by this almost gravitational force.

This is a series about that force—about what we need to know (and do) about the sin that holds us down.

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You need to be loved. You need to belong. You need protection and identity. In this message, Justin shares what it means to be adopted by God (and why it’s just what you most need).


Skeptics Welcome, Part 3: Hold The Magic

What's going on with all the magical stuff in the Bible--Daniel in the lion's den, Noah and the flood, a talking donkey, fire from Heaven, Jesus healing people? Are we supposed to believe that stuff actually happened? Or can we dispense with the magic and welcome the wise teaching?

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Skeptics Welcome, Part 2: Just One Rule?

"You should be free do live as you see fit, as long as you don't harm others." Maybe you've heard this before. Maybe you've said it before. But is it a value worth holding onto? In this message, we'll explore the consequences and alternatives of a life focused on personal freedom.

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Hold Fast, Part 2: Follower Or Friend

Thanks, Instagram. Social media trains us to measure our relational life by how many friends or followers we have. But Jesus never measured his friendships this way--he had 12 close friends and was mostly concerned with one test of their friendship: would they bail when things got tough?

Absurd, Part 4: Wise Move

No matter how careful you are, you can’t guard yourself from every bad thing in life. But you can certainly avoid a lot of difficulty by pursuing one thing. In this message, the writer of Ecclesiastes will give us perspective on how to live the best life possible.