Hold Fast, Part 2: Follower Or Friend

Thanks, Instagram. Social media trains us to measure our relational life by how many friends or followers we have. But Jesus never measured his friendships this way--he had 12 close friends and was mostly concerned with one test of their friendship: would they bail when things got tough?

Absurd, Part 4: Wise Move

No matter how careful you are, you can’t guard yourself from every bad thing in life. But you can certainly avoid a lot of difficulty by pursuing one thing. In this message, the writer of Ecclesiastes will give us perspective on how to live the best life possible.

Strange Laws, Part 2: Blueprints

What can we learn about the God of the universe from a modular building? As it turns out, a lot. In this message, we'll take a look at the über-detailed blueprints God gave to the ancient Israelites for the construction of the Tabernacle, and we'll explore 3 important things this structure shows us about the God who designed it. 

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A Better Question

Let's face it: often, we find ourselves interacting with others selfishly, impatiently, or judgmentally. When we walk around this way, we're essentially asking the question, "Who can I not love?" In this message, our student minister, Josh Jones, invites us to let Jesus challenge us to ask a better question. 

The Hero's Journey, Part 2: Crossing The Threshold

As we continue exploring the parallels between classic story structure and our journey as disciples of Jesus, we come to the "Go" moment--a character crossing the threshold between their previous reality and a new “world.” Again and again, Jesus calls us to follow him deeper into spiritual maturity--and again and again, we must decide whether or not to cross the threshold. 

4/30/17  Speaker: Dan Burgess

The Hero's Journey, Part 1: How It Begins

Classic stories begin with a character who’s in a zone of comfort...but they want something. This desire disrupts their routine and eventually leads them on a transformative journey. This is exactly how our journey with Christ begins. Without Jesus, you are not what you were made to be, and only He can help you become that.

Hope Arises

Life is hard. Suffering is real. But we don't have to suffer without hope. In this message, we focus on the one event that completely changes the way we navigate difficult things: the resurrection of Jesus.

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Feast People, Part 3: Celebration 101

So if we’re to be Feast People who gather regularly to celebrate the work and blessing of God, what does that look like and what are some ways we can do it on purpose?

Focusing on the stories of the Feast of Passover and the Last Supper, we’ll answer those questions.