Whether you're new to the Bible or a long-time Christian who studies the Bible regularly, our adult Bible classes offer a welcoming environment to grow in knowledge, understanding and faith, through a variety of topics and formats.

Choose a class that interests you and jump in at any time.

All classes meet on Sundays at 10:00am. 


The Gospel of Mark

Who is this Jesus?  This is the central question in Mark’s gospel.  Written to a Gentile audience, this book is full of Jesus' miracles with an emphasis on the last week of Jesus's life on earth.  Explore discipleship through the fear and faith seen in Mark’s characters.  Full of action and conflict, Mark’s dramatic account of the gospel portrays who Jesus really is, and what it means for you and I to truly follow Him as his disciples.

Class Make-up: All adults are welcome
Location: Portable A (ask for directions at the Welcome Center)
Teachers: Roger Whiteside and Robert Heil


Against Heresy

Paul warned the Ephesian Elders to be on guard for wolves who would come among them with false teaching; these wolves are still on the prowl today.  What is Heresy and what is Orthodoxy? Who were the Early Church Fathers and what role did they play? What is a Creed and what do they contain?  Join this class as we explore the answers to these questions, with a dose of Church history, to grow your understanding of the truth and to learn how to recognize any false teaching we may still hear today.   

Class Make-up: All adults are welcome
Location: Auditorium
Teachers: Ted Neil and Dan Woodfin


Christian: It's Not What You Think, by Andy Stanley

Join Andy Stanley in a video series, examining the characteristics Jesus used to define those who follow him and the implications they have for believers today.  Is there one word that should be descriptive of every Christian?  How should Jesus' followers treat those who are outside the faith?  Why do people love Jesus but can't stand his followers?

Class Makeup: Young Families (generally anyone with a child in elementary school or younger, but anyone/everyone is welcome)
Location: Room 201 (ask for directions at the Welcome Center)
Facillitators: Terry/Danielle Arnold; Mark/Patty Merkord; John/Linda Kay


Galatians: Gospel Matters, by Timothy Keller

Which gospel do you rely on? The church in Galatia faced a choice between two "gospels"--two ways of approaching a relationship with God, two ways of looking at life.

On one side were the teachers who told these young Christians that their performance mattered. To be right with God, they needed to trust Christ, but they also needed their own efforts. On the other side was the church-planting apostle, Paul. He said that the only performance that mattered was Christ's: his life, death, and resurrection.

Which gospel they relied on really mattered. The choice between the gospel of Christ-alone and the false Christ-plus version still confronts us today. The false one is attractive, but deadly. The real one sets us free, now and eternally. The gospel matters.

Class Make-up: Young professionals (college-age through twenties)
Location: Room 205 (ask for directions at the Welcome Center)
Facilitators: Ken Kohl, et al.